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The Synthetic Training Devices by 

Atlantic Simulators (Pty) Ltd.

Saving opportunities while raising the training quality standards.

Due to the hugely reduced price and the operating cost of the lower level simulators - BITD, FTD and FNPT, and their constantly increasing realism standards, it become possible to perform the most of the pilot training directly at flight school or at airline training facilities, instead of having to send flight crews to the specialized training centers.  The most important advantages of this development are:

•    Much lower simulator training cost, due to the lower operating requirements
•    Saving on the travel and accommodation costs for the flight crews
•    Saving on the travel times
•    More flexible planning of the simulator time
•    Better training effect, as time pressure becomes less of an issue
•    Advance in the ground courses, as the simulator becomes a demonstration platform to augment the ground course
•    Airplane specific modifications to the simulator are possible for a fraction of cost, which would be required if such modification were performed on a Full Simulator
•    Complete flexibility in special mission setups, where utilization of extra (non-standard) hardware must be trained.


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