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Atlantic Simulators Ltd. provides a range of synthetic training devices,
from BITD to the FNPT II level for the aircraft types Dash 8 Q300 and Dash 8 Q400

BITD Level

Our BITD training software or a BITD hardware+software solution allows for a non-expensive table-based trainer to be used as a better alternative to the traditional CBT courses. This setup usually includes a table workstation, joystick or flight yoke, and table loudspeakers or headphones.

The main advantage of our BITD compare with the "traditional" table based instrumental trainers, is that although only virtually shown at the display, it does simulate every system and control within the aircraft, and can therefore be used to practice skills, which were previously requiring the Full flight simulator, such as system familiarization and system logic. Apart of having the detailed systems, our BITD is fully flyable and therefore provides a realistic virtual environment in which the inner working of the aircraft can be demonstrated.

MJC BITD System Control Panel                   MJC BITD Captain Display

MJC BITD Center Aft Panel                                             

FTD Level

Atlantic Simulator (Pty) Ltd. provides FTD training solutions for both Dash 8 Q300 and Dash 8 Q400 aircraft types. The Dash 8 Q300 FTD is a non-certified solution. The Dash 8 Q400 FTD can offered as certified or non-certified version, depending upon the training requirements. Our FTD solutions are touch screen based, and built in such a way that every cockpit control can be comfortably operated via a touch screen. The solution typically includes:

•    The cockpit enclosure with 7 touch screens
•    Dual connected flight controls with force feedback option
•    Laptop or touch screen based instructor station with map mode and systems failure option
•    135 degrees wide synthetic vision system on a cylindrical screen.
•    Scenery generator with a worldwide elevation and airports database. Option to install more detailed versions for particular airports.
•    Realistic engine controls with elevator trim wheel (for a Q300)
•    Sound system for both synthetic and environment sounds.

MJC FTD Exterior                                     MJC FTD Interior

MJC FTD Observer view                       MJC FTD Headup Guidance Training

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